Caring for your Christmas tree

Our Christmas Trees are all hand-raised with love and we are so happy that your tree is going home with you!

People usually start collecting Christmas Trees anytime from 3 – 4 weeks before Christmas, right through to a few days before the big day.

See our Open Days here.

If well cared for, Toodyay Christmas Trees look good and smell divine for 6-8 weeks (or even more!!) from the time you take them home.

Please give your tree ongoing love and care, using the tips provided below.


  • We recommend you bring a sheet / tarp to wrap your tree for the drive home.
  • The base of your tree will also need to be wrapped in damp cloths / rags. Please bring these with you and we will happily dampen them at the farm for your journey home.
  • Once home, remove 2cm (straight cut across the base) from the base of the trunk to optimise water absorption.  
  • Place the base of the tree into the water immediately after cutting.  If the tree isn’t absorbing water (the water level isn’t dropping), this means the tree is still “sapped over”.  Re-cut the base of the trunk (2cm) and place in water again, checking the water level.
  • For optimal tree health, we recommend adding Tree Care Preservative to the water.
  • Once your tree is happy, check and top up the water in the tree base daily. 
  • We recommend using a Cinco tree base to keep your tree fresh and fragrant throughout your festive season.
  • If not intending to put the tree up immediately, keep it in a cool dark area (protected from sun and wind) in a bucket of water (or your water filled tree base), until ready to locate and decorate.
  • Choose a location that is away from heat generating sources such as windows, TVs or stereos. Fireplaces are not usually an issue in WA in December but remember that placing your tree directly under an air conditioner may also reduce your tree’s life span.

*If you don’t already have a tree base or Tree Care Preservative, these are available for purchase at one of the Toodyay Christmas Trees Open Days. See our Pricing page for details.

It is important to keep your tree well-watered during its time with you to keep it fresh and looking and smelling its best, so please remember to check and top-up the water daily to keep your tree fresh for as long as possible!

Once your time with your Christmas tree is over, if you fancy a return trip to our beautiful Toodyay property, you can give back to the earth by dropping off your tree for us to recycle by turning it into mulch to feed your next year’s Christmas tree!!

A very happy Christmas tree.  We have been caring for your Christmas trees for years!